This video will show how to install and quick setup the Faucet Collector bot.

This is the first Faucet Collector Tutorial and gives a Complete Overview of the bot.

Complete Faucet Collector Tutorial video about the Settings of the bot.

How to use a proxy in Faucet Collector.

Tutorial about using your home IP as residential proxy.

Tutorial about our captcha solution FCCS and shows how to earn with solving captchas as a worker.

Written tutorials


Beginners Guide 1: How to purchase a license key..

Beginners Guide 2: How to install Faucet Collector..

Beginners Guide 3: How to setup Faucet Collector..

Beginners Guide 4: Using Faucet Collector Captcha Solutions..

Beginners Guide 5: Adding User Faucets..


Advanced Guide 1: Settings Explanation..