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The Free-Tether script is available for download in the Faucet Collector software.

By cgerabit

Created on October 28, 2020

Category: Faucet - Tether

Version: 3 (Last update: April 01, 2024)

Downloads: 1519



Status: Working

Win free Tether every hour!

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User Guide

Guide written & last verified for script version 2

Base URL:

Guide creator referral URL:

This script does this site's faucet know as a Free Roll

Script Settings:

Time Range: 60-80+
I have mine set to 1 hour to 2 hours 19 minutes to add a bit more variation in redemption time to appear more human.

Use Solvemedia: Y

Advanced Settings:

Captcha Overrides: Default (I use FCCS)
All options set as default

Browser: tested with Chorme. Brave not tested

Disable Script Assets (like AdBlocker): N

No other options enabled

Scheduling: I recommend having having at least a 6-9 hour long break for any script just to appear more human. I don't know if 24 hour constant running will get you banned on this site or not. If you have been banned for this, let me know.

Additional notes:

Faucet uses a random number generator that gives a different amount depending on the range your number falls in. It is referred to as a "roll". You can do this once per hour. Script handles this.

Site has a "Multiply" game betting high or low. Script doe not use it

Consider building up enough Tether on here to reach the threshold for getting interest. You can see this in the Earn section that if you have 10 Tether you will get 8% interest

Site has a weekly lottery that you can buy tickets to for 0.00002 Tether per ticket. Script does not use it.

Site has a BlackJack game. Script does not use it.

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