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Moretvtime - custom url

The Moretvtime - custom url script is available for download in the Faucet Collector software.
Moretvtime - custom url

By TheDreamFinder

Created on March 27, 2019

Category: Traffic - Multicoin

Version: 11 (Last update: October 05, 2019)

Downloads: 908

Captcha: reCAPTCHA

Payouts: Wallet, FaucetHub, Other

Status: Offline

This will allow you to add your own More TV Time url for ANY site and the amount of claims in which you want to redeem daily! (Suggested is 50 per day to avoid bot detection. (i.e set timer to wait 12 hours to 12 hours 1 minute and claims to 25) Disclaimer: This script is a MODIFIED version of CGERabbits code for MoreTVTime scripts but allows for ANY site to be added! Notes: - Progress bar log removed as it did not post anything but 0%

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