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The Cointiply script is available for download in the Faucet Collector software.

By sp0nk

Created on April 25, 2018

Category: Faucet - Bitcoin, Dogecoin

Version: 51 (Last update: May 09, 2024)

Downloads: 48628

Captcha: SolveMedia, reCAPTCHA

Payouts: Wallet, FaucetHub

Status: Working

Earn up to 100,000 coins with every spin from the highest paying Bitcoin faucet. Loyalty bonus of 1% per day up to 100% for every day you make a claim.

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User Guide

Guide written & last verified for script version 49

Base URL:

Script creator's referral URL:

Guide creator referral URL:

This script only does the site's faucet.

Script Settings:

Time Range: 60-80+
I have mine set to 1 hour to 2 hours 19 minutes to add a bit more variation in redemption time to appear more human.

Use Solvemedia: Y

Advanced Settings:

Captcha Overrides: Default (I use FCCS)
All options set as default

Browser: tested with Chorme. Brave not tested

Disable Script Assets (like AdBlocker)

No other options enabled

Scheduling: I recommend having having at least a 6-9 hour long break for any script just to appear more human. I don't know if 24 hour constant running will get you banned on this site or not. If you have been banned for this, let me know.

Additional notes:

Faucet uses a random number generator [that gives a different amount depending on the range your number falls in. It is referred to as a "spin".

Everything gained on this site is stored in it's internal "coins". These coins have a static value of 100 coins to $0.01USD. You can withdraw to BTC, DOGE, LTC, or DASH and you have to manually do this yourself

I recommend keeping at least 35000 coins ($3.50USD) on the platform to take advantage of the 5% annual interest

Make sure the faucet is used at least once per day to keep a bonus going. Each consecutive day the faucet is used gets you an additional 1% bonus up to a total of 100%. This bonus only applies to the faucet. Once you max it out you are literally getting double for each faucet role

Consider downloading the app to explore the offerwalls and playtime.

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